FoF 2018 Safety Promotion «Communicate for Safety»

We have started to gather topics and presenters for the conference 9 – 11 April. These are confirmed.

Opening the conference, Capt. Hans Skog Andersen, Director of Operations, Babcock, Scandinavian AirAmbulance

2017 «in review» Global Safety Update, FoF

Elektriske fly i kommersiell luftfart, CEO Dag Falk-Petersen Avinor

Resilience in Aviation. Prof. Johan Bergström, Lund University

How do we train airmanship? Captain Walter Schwyzer, Korean Air

SMS – applicable to the whole aviation industry, Graeme Ogilvie

Advanced barrier management in the SMS. Antoinet van Antwerpen, CGE Risk Management

Automation and resilience in ATM. Are humans best to back up automation? Philippe Domogala, IFATCA

The Limits of Pilot Monitoring, Captain Walter Schwyzer, Korean Air

Safety by regulations. Are more more regulations really improving safety? Philippe Domogala, IFATCA

Safe in an Unsafe world / Safety II perspective, Erik Hollnagel, SafetySynthesis

In recent years, we have had pilots present their extraordinary event. Those who were present last year remember Jeff Skiles, the co-pilot who landed on the Hudson River. This year we get an equally spectacular event. It was classified as a «Black Swan» event where it is practically impossible to train on such a scenario. So for this year’s event in 2018, the Captain experienced over 100 warnings and cautions, and it took over 50 minutes to go through everything! The Captain with his crew and phenomenal piece of airmanship landed safely. We say no more, but we’re sure you’ll like this.

Sikker integrering av droner og RPAS i forbudssonen nær flyplass, Roar Rismo, Avinor

«Communicate for Safety»