Arrangementet i 2014 blir som før svært innholdsrikt med mange spennende foredrag. Årets konferanse, den 28. i rekken, vil fokusere på Trening, Loss of Control, Automation, Situational Awareness (SA), Decision Making, Kultur og Safety Management System (SMS), alt sett fra et operativt synspunkt. I år blir det også emner om helikopter og ATC.

Agenda FoF 2014
Mandag 7. april
18:00 Buss fra Quality Airport hotel til Gardermoen flystasjon, spekemat med sosialt samvær, Tema: Norske oppdrag, F-16 i Libya ved Oberst Bård Solheim

Tirsdag 8. april
• 09:00 Welcome by the moderator – FoF
• 09:05 Opening the conference Dag Falk-Petersen CEO Avinor
• 09:25 2013 «in review»Global Safety Update – FoF
• 09:50 Todays Safety landscape – David Learmount Flight Global
• 10:20 Finding the next «Human Factor» accident – Johan Bergström, Lund University
• 11:30 Modelling predictability of LoC Accidents – Captain Walter Schwyzer, Gulf Air
• 12:00 Is your SMS working: Reviewing the first years of implementation – Steve Solomon Director Group Aviation Safety, Compliance and Security, Thomas Cook
• 12:30 Paneldebate – David Learmount, Captain Walter Schwyzer and Johan Bergström
• 14:00 Birdstrike a close call – Capt Knut Mølbach
• 15:00 Establishing and maintaining a safety culture – why and how – Keven Baines Managing Director Baines Simmons
• 15:30 Flight Safety issues, Jo Bjørn Skatvold Norwegian ALPA (NF)
• 19:00 Aperitif i baren før Festmiddag kl. 19:30.

Onsdag 9. april
• Opening remarks
• 09:10 Air Traffic Control – Looking to the Future – How will ATM Change – ATCO Huw Ross NATS
• 09:50 Employment models in airlines – where are we heading? Tomas Hesthammer Norwegian, Stein Erik Nodeland CAA Norway, Hans-Petter Håtun – ARPI Aviation AS and Petter Førde Norwegian ALPA
• 11:30 The Kebnekaise accident, The Safety Barriers – CRM, technology and ATC -Lt. Col Øyvind Jervan RNoAF
• 12:15 Controlled ditching – Capt Geir Morten Ramsøy CHC Helicopter
• 14:00 Safety study – inland helicopter – a status Geir Hamre CAA Norway
• 14:30 Stuck elevator trim – leading to extreme climb Birger Andreas Bull AIB Norway
• 15:00 Safety initiatives – ownership and follow up in Norway – Jan Egil Mossin CAA Norway
• 15:30 SNAP Southern Norway Airspace Project Per Arnt Auen Avinor
• 15:50 Closing remarks from the moderator, see you 13-15. april 2015