This years conference which is the 29th will focus on the “LESSONS LEARNED”. We will focus on several aspects of aviation and the operational element involved. This year we will have a crew talk about their accident and how they managed to land the aircraft. Johan Bergström comes back, he will focus on the Human Factors aspect of “Lesson learned”. NTSB will provide us with Human Factor elements from the Asiana accident in San Francisco and David Learmount, Editor Safety in Flight International, will share his experience with us.

Monday 13 April
18:00 Bus from the hotel to Gardermoen Air Station, traditional Norwegian food and networking.

Topic in Norwegian: De første steg mot F-16 Æraen i RNoAF, General Olav Aamoth, General Einar Smedsvig og den første norske F-16 piloten Ob. Lt. Steinar Berg.

Tuesday 14 April
• 08:00 Registration and refreshments in the lobby
• 09:00 Welcome by FoF
• 09:05 Ministry of transport and communications State secretary, Tom Cato Karlsen opens the conference
• 09:20 2014 “in review”Global Safety Update – FoF
• 09:40 Todays Safety landscape – David Learmount, Flight Global
• 10:20 Lessons learned from the Asiana accident in San Francisco, William Bramble, NTSB Down load the article here
• 11:00 Coffee break
• 11:30 C-17 mixed cultures – Major Jeff Daniels, NATO Strategic Airlift Capability
• 12:00 Lessons learned from the Turkish accident in Amsterdam – Capt Walter Schwyzer
• 12:30 Panel debate: David Learmount Flight Global, William Bramble NTSB, Jeff Daniels NATO Strategic Airlift Capability, Walter Schwyzer Gulf Air
• 13:00 Lunch
• 14:00 Short Field operations in Norway, Capt Kurt Albertsen, Widerøe
• 14:30 Who decides upon airspace above conflict zones / volcanic ash – Dragos Munteanu, IATA
• 15:00 Coffee break
• 15:30 An accident, missile hit, the crew tell us their story
• 19:00 Aperitif in the bar before the conference dinner at 19:30.

Wednesday 15 April
• 09:00 Opening remarks by the chair
• 09:10 “Human Factor” and lessons learned Johan Bergström, Lund University
• 09:50 Training for the future – David Owens, Airbus
• 10:30 SMS – how to improve hazard identification and reduce incidents, Capt Martin Timmons, Ryanair
• 11:00 Coffee
• 11:30 MSc in aviation, Dr. Ivan Sikora, Sponsor City University in London
• 11:40 How do safety investigations influence safety, Kåre Halvorsen, Accident Investigation board
• 12:00 Lessons learned, Jo Bjørn Skatval, Norwegian ALPA
• 12:15 Remote Towers, Jan Østby, Avinor
• 13:00 “Raffle” and Lunch

This last session will be in Norwegian
• 14:00 Framtiden til Norsk Luftfart, Ann Cecilie Bergene, arbeidsforskningsinstituttet
• 14:30 Utviklingen i Norsk og Internasjonal luftfart. Journalist Pål Vegard Hagesæter, Aftenposten
• 15:00 Closing remarks, next FoF april 2016