CGE Risk Management and AVSAX were by the participants awarded best innovative product.

CGE Risk Management has developed a “BowTieServer” where you get a very good overview of the data gathered from the organisation. BowTieServer solves some of the harder problems in risk management, such as the useful aggregation of risk data, tracking barrier performance over time and getting safety critical information off the shelf into the organization. BowTieServer also aims to bridge the gap between management and workforce. Antoinet van Antwerpen og Iris Curfs mottar “awarden”.

AVSAX has developed a bag where you can put any electronic device if you get a thermal battery fire. All our technical gadgets from mobile phones to tablets and laptops are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. There is always a possibility they can overheat or catch fire if they are mishandled or damaged. And that can pose a big problem on board aircraft where there will be dozens if not hundreds of electronic gadgets, which is why AvSax has been invented. Her mottar David Weilert og Geoff Leach “awarden” fra FoF.