Flight Operational Forum-Norway is organized with a board registered in The Brønnøysund Register Centre and a Committee planning and facilitating the annual Conference. The Committee consists of individuals with broad experience from Norwegian aviation and with a genuine interest for Flight Operation and Flight Safety. 

From left: Narve Jensen, Rune Volden, manager FoF Morten Kjellesvig, assistant manager Knut Backer and Kent Sviggum. Hilde Torgersen was not present when the picture was taken.

Manager Morten Kjellesvig started his aviation career as a glider pilot in 1978. He served 15 years in the Royal Norwegian Air Force, flying the F-16. Now he flies Airbus 340/330 for SAS. He has a background within Flight Safety and Accident Investigation from both the Royal Norwegian Air Force and SAS. Morten has an MSc in Air Safety Management from City University in London, and he runs his own consultancy company ScandiAvia. He teaches Risk Management and Accident Investigation at City University London.

Assistant manager Knut Backer is a captain with SAS, where he has been a pilot since 1989. He has been flying MD80, B767, and B737 since 2001. Knut has also a background as an Air Traffic Controller, and he has been representing Norsk Flygerforbund (Norwegian Air Line Pilots’ Association) for a number of years. He has been the Association’s ATS representative, Vice President and it’s head of the Flight Safety Committee. He has also been the Norwegian ALPA’s representative in different IFALPA (International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations) and ECA (European Cockpit Association) Committees. Knut has attended a number of national and international Flight Safety forums and projects, and made numerous presentations, including at Flight Operational Forum-Norway.

Conference responsible Hilde Torgersen started to work with SAS, besides school, in 1983. She has been working with airplane equipment and a project with the Operational Facilities at Oslo airport. Hilde has been Equipment Manager, Administrative Secretary and worked at Crew Support. She has been with FoF Norway since 2003. Hilde has now left SAS and works as a teacher.

Kent Sviggum was certfied as an Air Traffic Controller at Bergen airport/Flesland in 1993. After that, he served at Bodø tower and approach control until 1997. Since, he has been working at Bergen/Flesland tower and approach control. Kent was the station’s ATC Specialist from 1997 to 2007. He has been chief of Operations at the approach control since 2007, and he has been involved in numerous projects, been simulator instructor, responsible for external relations and PFO-controller (Periodic Training). Kent has, since 1999, written a number of articles for his column ”ATC voice” in Flynytt. Through this work, he has visited Air traffic Control units all over the world and he has had the chance to fly a great number of aircraft, from Tiger Moth to F-16.

Narve Jensen is a retired Air Traffic Controller (ATC Supervisor) from Oslo Fornebu and Gardermoen control towers, 43 years of service total. Narve is an enthusiatic model airplane pilot since early 60’s, and he has been involved in the National organization since 1977, including the Norwegian representative to FAI since 1979. Since 1995, Narve has been the Chairman of the Scale Subcommittee in the modelling section (CIAM) of the FAI.

Rune Volden started his flying career in the RNoAF in 1988. After graduation at Sheppard Air Force Base, he served at Bodø Main Air Station, where he flew the F-16 and served as simulator instructor. From 1997, he flew the Twin Otter at 719 Squadron until this was abolished in 2000, and then continued his career at 335 Squadron where he flew as both officer and commander until the C-130 E / H was phased out in 2008. He has by introduction of the C-130J worked full time as operational planning officer at the squadron.