FoF 2018 9-11 APRIL 2018
With 142 participants, the conference hall was filled with “Safety” interested people who participated in a three day conference where fantastic lecturers held excellent presentations about safety related topics. We gave the participants an experience they will soon forget, ranging from accident prevention and incidents to post-work after an accident. Flyoperative Forum is a professional meeting place for airline personnel and managers, and in FoF we provide participants with an important piece of the SMS, Safety Promotion. We received the following e-mail from Capt Thor Magnar Olsen from Pilot Flight Academy AS: “Thank you for a profitable forum, I use this FoF and its accompanying agenda to document recurrent training for myself (SM and CMM PFA and EHC) in SMS and CMS for the year 2018. ”

From Tomas Klemets in Jeppesen we received this Thank you Morten. The content was world class! Next FoF is 1-3 April 2019.

Flight Operational Forum is an operational Flight Safety conference that gather operational staff and management every year in April. The conference in 2017 was conducted with exciting speakers with a very operational agenda.The developments in recent years in aviation, with a significant increase in the number of aircraft operators, several airports and more sophisticated materials, has led to an increased need for cooperation and coordination on issues of common operational interest. Representatives of airlinest and helicopter companies, the Ministry of Transport (SD), Avinor, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN), Air Force and other involved authorities and organizations are among the participants at the conference.
On our website you will find material related to our annual conference and our efforts to promote and contribute to the operational flight safety. Agenda for conferences, presentation of the executive committee, the minutes and agenda from previous forums and links to other aviation related sites are also some of what you will find in these pages.