The Committee consists of individuals with broad experience from the Norwegian civil and military aviation. They have a genuine interest for the industry and with their extensive Flight Operational network, they contribute to create an up-to-date agenda for the Conference.
Our vision is to “Make Norway’s best aviation conference, where everybody is welcome”.

The conference is a great opportunity to gather as many as possible of the key personnel within the airline industry, so they can meet, get to know each other, and exchange experiences in an informal environment. The Committee endeavors to facilitate for Norwegian and International specialists to share their experiences through high quality presentations.
The first Conference was arranged in 1985, making FoF-Norway the oldest Norwegian Aviation Conference. The conference is open for everybody, including the press.

Flight Operational Forum – Norway (FoF-Norway)is an ideal non-profit organization. FoF-Norway is, as the name suggests, a Flight Operational conference, which purpose is to gather Flight Operations personnel on a management level from all stake holders in Norwegian and European aviation.

Flight Operational Forum-Norway shall organize an annual conference / seminar normally in April.
• FoF-Norway shall strive for improved flight safety
• FoF-Norway shall develop and improve the structure in Norwegian aviation.
• FoF-Norway shall, through the conference, increase the participants competence, and
• FoF-Norway shall encourage Flight Operational discussions of common interest
• FoF-Norway shall inform about news and innovations within aviation.
• FoF-Norway shall have a regular dialogue with political, as well as professional authorities

Flight Operational Forum
Flight Operational Forum is as the name says an operative aircraft aviation conference whose purpose is to collect flight operations personnel at all levels of all companies / actors in the Norwegian and European aviation. The conference is an annual event held in April. The first conference was held in 1987 and this makes FOF to the oldest conference of this kind in Norway. The conference is open to everyone, including the press.

Welcome to next years Flight Operational Forum-Norway.